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What Is It?

Re-gassing is a normal part of your vehicle's regular maintenance. It is replacing the gas inside of your car's A/C unit. You should have this service done at least once every two years to keep everything in good repair. Chill Auto Air can do this service for you in a relatively short amount of time anywhere you'd like. 
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Why Do It?

Getting your car's A/C re-gassed can extend the life of your unit. It will also help your A/C run better overall to help you keep cool in the hot Melbourne days. This procedure will also help your Chill Auto Air technician know if anything is wrong with your A/C unit so that he or she will be able to do preventative work.

What We Do

At Chill Auto Air, we believe that you should always get cool air. We will use the latest equipment to pump new gas into your A/C system and check and fix any leaks. we will also vacuum down the system to remove any residual moisture prior to re-gassing. We generally use R134a gas and for new cars use 1234yf gas.

For expert air conditioning re-gassing and maintenance services, Residents Across Melbourne including from areas like Bundoora, Burnside, Caroline Springs, Eltham, Greensborough, Hillside, Mill Park, Preston, Reservoir, Taylors Lakes & more know to bring their cars into Chill Auto Air. Call 0400 644 656 today to learn more.

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